Herb Joiner-Bey, N.D.
Naturopathic Physician

·        Experienced primary-care natural health practitioner

o       Specialization in classical homeopathy, therapeutic nutrition, Western botanical medicine, and the conventional treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

o       Strong focus on emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of healing.

·        Dynamic professional educator and seminar leader

o       Seasoned and polished public speaker who has conducted seminars for medical colleges and professional associations across the Nation.

o       Has trained thousands of health care professionals in the philosophy and clinical application of modern, scientifically-verified natural medicine.

o       Works comfortably and effectively with broadcast media.

·        Enjoys the richness of working in ethnically diverse environments in which all perspectives and traditions are respected and maintains sensitivity to the cultural uniqueness of persons being served.



·        Researches and writes scientific monographs on natural medicine topics for health care professionals and the public.

·        Advises and conducts technical literature research for manufacturers of high-quality products in the nutriceutical industry.

·        Serves as guest speaker on natural medicine for radio talk shows  across the Nation.

·        Conducts continuing education seminars in natural medicine for pharmacists, chiropractors, and other health care professionals.

·        Conducts presentations on natural approaches to preventive medicine for the public.

·        Serves as scientific editor for the International Journal of Integrative Medicine, HealthSmart Magazine, and Health Security Newsletter.

·        Serves as instructor for the post-graduate Nutrition Diplomate program of Logan Chiropractic College, St. Louis, Missouri.

·        Serves as adjunct professor of advanced naturopathic therapeutics and classical homeopathy, Bastyr University, Kenmore, WA.


Diamond Head Health Center, Department of Health, State of Hawaii, Honolulu

·        Examined patients from all over the world for signs of sexually-transmitted diseases.

·        Conducted microscopic studies and other tests on specimens taken during exams.

·        Treated diagnosed patients using conventional pharmaceutical medicines according to clinical findings and CDC guidelines.

·        Counseled patients on safer and more responsible sexual practices.

·        Educated the Polynesian community about STDs on local television.


Tai Hsuan Foundation College of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, Honolulu, Hawaii

·        Tailored a one-year course in western anatomy and physiology to the needs of students of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

·        Prepared lesson plans, presented lectures, and administered exams.

NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIAN                                                               1985-91

Private practice, Seattle, WA

·        Served as family care private practice physician, integrating conventional diagnostic methods with natural therapeutics.

·        Specialized in classical homeopathy, therapeutic nutrition, and Western botanical medicine.

·        Pioneered the application of natural medicine to the treatment of AIDS:

o       Researched and co-authored a critically-acclaimed scholarly review of the naturopathic alternative perspective on AIDS.

o       Organized and presented free seminars for the public on alternative approaches to AIDS.

o       Co-founded and co-facilitated the first Seattle HIV/AIDS support group emphasizing holistic answers to the emotional, spiritual, and medical needs of patients.

o       Served as a founding board member of the People of Color Against AIDS Network (POCAAN), Seattle-based non-profit organization dedicated to the control and eradication of AIDS from communities of color.


·        Graduate, Professional Course in Classical Homeopathy, International Foundation for Homeopathy, 1986.

·        N.D. (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine), Bastyr University, Seattle, WA, 1985.

·        B.A., Physics with Mathematics minor, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 1968. 


·        Co-author, “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.” Textbook of Natural Medicine, Seattle, WA: Bastyr University Publications, 1986.

·        Author, “Water: The Most Basic Nutrient and Therapeutic Agent.” Textbook of Natural Medicine. (Harcourt, 2003)

·        Co-author, Clinician’s Handbook of Natural Medicine (Harcourt, 2002)

·        Co-editor, The Advanced Guide to Longevity Medicine, 2001.

·        Co-author, Water: The Foundation of Youth, Health, and Beauty (ImpaktHealth, 2002)

·        Author, The Healing Power of Flax (Freedom Press, Autumn,  2002)

·        Co-author, HealthQuest Database CD-ROM, a compendium of scientific monographs on nutrients, botanical medicines, drug-nutriceutical interactions, and health disorders for professionals.

·        Numerous magazine articles for professionals and the public concerning the latest scientific research in this field.


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